Vinoski Winery



Two main factors that influence our wine quality – the quality of the grape and the winemaking process itself. Vinoski Winery in Westmoreland County, PA only makes what wine connoisseurs have declared as private reserve class wines.This is the reason we produce wines for other wineries.

Merry Christmas | Happy New YearOur wines are made with the highest quality fruit. We source our grapes from Coast Valley, Sonoma, and Lodi, California. We only pick the ripest first fruits and hand sort each grape. Since our west coast winery is located in the heart of California wine country, we can harvest and start crushing the grapes within an hour.

Our winemaking process is also different from most wineries. All our wines are made using only ‘Free Run’ juice from the tank. We do not press the wines to gain more bulk wine, therefore our wines do not have the astringency, histamines, or harsh tannins normalled during pressing. We also get 25% less juice which contributes to the overall cost.

A hard press on white grapes tends to impart astringency, bitterness, browning quality to white wines and turned mouthfeel and imparting balance issues.

We also employ natural fermentation techniques that are self-balancing and protect the grape berries natural acids. The wines have a firm tannin backbone that stabilizes the wine for decades. Next, we use the finest hand-selected French oak barrels for aging, and some American Oak for our Zinfandel. 

Our process produces a soft drinkable young wine that can be cellared as desired.

What you won’t find in our wines’ additives that increase the wines viscosity to make it feel heavy and thick. Normally you find dyes to darkend the reds to blue-black. Go Natural!

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